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Your Wireless World Makes Sense for Verizon Customers (and SAVES Dollars!)

Posted by Paul Martin on

We are the first to admit, we LOVE the Verizon network!  That's why we use it to power our Selectel Network at Your Wireless World in Hutchinson, McPherson and Salina, KS.

BUT, we can save you some money!

With our Selectel network, you are getting the same great nation-wide network for less.  

(With a few perks)

Take a look...

First, what we say is what you pay.  If you take a look at your Verizon bill it's amazing how quickly all the little fees and taxes add up.  For example, if you have a smartphone they charge you a $20 a month "line access fee"  That gets you nothing.  It's just an extra fee.  This can have a big impact on your bill, especially if you have multiple devices connected!

With Your Wireless World, just bring your Verizon phone in and we can switch you to savings.  Same great network, keep your same phone number, use you same phone you love... It takes about 10 minutes.

Because we are a smaller locally owned business, you aren't a number standing around waiting to be waited on.  We personally greet you with a smile and are here to take care of YOU.  We know you, we know what plan you get and how much data you use and what your preferences are.  We tell you when it would be beneficial to choose another plan.

Our plans start at $15 a month.  Most customers pay $30 a month.  No extra fees, just add sales tax.  That's it!  Same great network, same great coverage, same phone, better personal service.  It's why so many of our customers say " I wish we would have done this sooner! "

It's not uncommon for families to tell us they are saving over $1,000 a year with us.

Bring your Verizon bill in and we can show you what plans would fit your needs.

In the meantime, here's a look at our plans:


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