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Common Cell Phone Battery Questions:

Posted by Paul Martin on

Does my cellphone have a bad battery?

Here's the number one way you can tell it's time to get your battery replaced.  If your phone is charged to 100% and it will seem to quickly and suddenly drop to 40% for example.  That's a good sign something is wrong.  Probably need a replacement.

How long do batteries last?

Typically it seems the average cell phone battery will last a year and a half to two years before it needs replaced.  

Can you replace batteries?

Yes we can!  Phones with a built in battery like iPhones and newer Samsungs take about 20 minutes to replace.  Other batteries we can switch out right away for you in a few minutes.

How long should I charge my battery?

So many theories about how and when to charge your cell phone.  Most obvious answer is whenever it needs it.  Like your car, it's better to run above half a tank.  It's a good idea to run your battery all the way down just every now and then.  When you do though, charge it all the way back up to 100%.  Worst thing for your battery, let it sit dead.  Keep them charged up.  Most people plug in at night and unplug in the morning and charge as needed throughout the day.

Ultimately, there are only so many charge cycles in your battery and it will have to be replaced.  When it's time, let us know and we can help you.  Stop in Your Wireless World anytime and ask about it or feel free to chat right here on our website about it now.

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