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Cell Accessories you need for Pokemon Go

Posted by Paul Martin on

If you have been participating in the Pokemon Go craze, you know how fast that game eats your battery.  At Your Wireless World we have the Go Stick portable battery pack that provides you with a full battery charge while you are on the go!  We are REALLY excited about this one!  3...count them three USB ports! (So your friends can mooch juice off of you.)  It's a big battery so it's no problem.  This pack when fully charged will give you 5 to 10 charges on your phone (depending on your phone model).

Pricing and discount info below the picture...


Pokemon Go Portable Battery Pack


Powerbank 12,000 mAh Silver 3 Output USB Charger

The Powerbank is perfect those always on the move. It is a rechargeable battery pack that is specifically designed to ensure longer battery life. It can be charged or discharged as needed without the loss of capacity. Be prepared on the go.

  • Plug-and-Charge functionality for instant power availability
  • An easy-to-carry and easy-to-use design
  • Includes micro-data cable for convenient charging on the go

These power banks normally sell for $70.  With this link only we will give you 40% off the regular price.  Just $42.  Click this link to purchase from our online store:

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