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5 Tips for Buying a Phone (So you don't get burned.)

Posted by Paul Martin on

Purchasing a phone to use on our service? Be careful, there's a lot of unethical sellers out there. Here are a few tips:
1) The seller will almost always tell you their phone will work on your service. That doesn't make it so. Remember they don't know your networks requirements. Buyer beware.
2) Make sure the phone isn't stolen or locked down due to an unpaid contract somewhere. Of course a dishonest seller won't reveal this to you. You often find out the hard way you just purchased an expensive paper weight.
3) Some devices, even though they run on Verizon towers will not work on our service. Verizon prepaid phones for example. Verizon sells the phone cheaper because it can only be used on Verizon's prepaid service. Verizon has it locked to that service and it can not be used on other prepaid services.
4) Check the IMEI or MEID with us BEFORE purchasing the phone. We can validate that device will work before money changes hands. That saves you from getting burned. Just call us at (620) 663-5511 and tell us you want to see if your device is certified to work on our service.
5) Buy a phone you KNOW will work. We can get you everything from a flip phone to the newest phones on the market. All of our phones are factory certified and come with a warranty. When you purchase your phone from us, you not only support a local business, but you give us the opportunity to stand behind it and take better care of you.

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