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Work around for that funny Galaxy charger

Posted by Paul Martin on

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S5 or Note 3,4 or 5, you are familiar with what we often hear called the "funny charger" (and we don't mean funny haha).  This split looking charger is actually a micro usb 3.0.  One side is for charging, the other side is data transfer.  What that means is you can actually work around not having the proper cord for your phone!  Just take a standard micro usb charger (like most any other android phone uses) and plug it into the right slot on your phone's charging port.  See... that was easy!

Only problem you might run into on the S5 specifically is not enough amps coming from a lower amperage usb micro.  I have noticed the S5 really likes to have 2 amps.  Most older micro usb chargers for older, smaller phones are 1 amp.  So, use your S5 cube and any regular micro usb charger in the right port and you should be fine.

Any questions, call us at Your Wireless World and we will help you out.  We get a charge out of talking to you!  (groan)

We are located in the Hutchinson Mall, Salina Mall at 1st and Main in McPherson and 2628 South Oliver in Wichita KS.

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